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5 Grilling Ideas to Improve Your Cookout and a Healthy Summer Recipe

It is no secret that a healthy and balanced diet can greatly improve one’s health. Studies suggest that following a healthy diet could prevent 30-50% of all cancers. As the warmer weather slowly sneaks up, so do some bad summer eating habits. Summer grilling is a staple in the warmer months, but…...

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National Foundation for Cancer Research Announces 2021 Salisbury Award Competition Winners

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 25, 2021 CONTACT: National Foundation for Cancer Research Bradley Gillenwater, Senior Director for Corporate Outreach E-mail: / Phone: 301-961-9161 The Program is Designed to Catalyze and Advance Promising Cancer Research Innovations onto a Path of Commercialization and Patient Impact ROCKVILLE, MD – The National Foundation…...

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Natural Killer (NK) Cell-based Treatment Demonstrates Its Potential to Become an Effective Novel Cancer Therapy

Natural Killer (NK) cells are specialized lymphocytes that play critical roles in the immune response against abnormal cells, including all kinds of cancer cells. Different from T cells that need to be pre-activated by antigen-presenting cells before gaining the killing power, NK cells can quickly respond to a wide variety…...

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New Brain Scan Technology Can Improve Tumor Removal

Any illness or disease that impacts the brain is highly complex. None more so than brain tumors, which affect over 20,000 Americans each year. While surgeons have become more advanced in the removal of brain tumors, experts continue to face extreme challenges in ensuring all cancerous tissues are removed during surgery. That…...

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