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Lymphoma is Largely Gone After Covid-19 Infection: Demonstrating the Power of the Immune System

A 61‐year‐old man with stage III Hodgkin lymphoma was hospitalized for the infection of Covid-19 in the UK. He was hospitalized for 11 days and did not receive any cancer treatment. Four months later, the PET-CT scan result showed that his lymphoma was largely gone!

Lymphoma Scan post COVID-19

Left: Before, Right: After

Everyone were suppressed, including his doctors and the scientists who saw the results, and no one knows what has caused the cancer remission if no anticancer drugs have been given during the course of his disease.

After looking at a similar case in the US, doctors and scientists have concluded that the most probable reason of his remission is the combined actions of his immune system: for unknown reasons, the patient’s own immune system was activated by the Covid-19 infection, and the anticancer power of T-cells and natural killer cells was released. Together with their anti-viral functions, they attacked both Covid-19 infected cells and the lymphoma cells.

Although this news is very exciting, it’s the only report so far regarding Covid-19 induced cancer remission. The chance of making the Covid-19 infection an anticancer therapy is extremely low as it’s dangerous and even life-threatening to most cancer patients. But what this rare case shows us is a future with hopes: the immuno-oncology drugs and immunotherapies currently under development may actually cure certain types of cancer in the near future.

Cancer vaccine-based therapy is one of the options among those emerging immunotherapies. Using genetic engineering technology, scientists could identify unique neoantigens, a type of cancer specific molecules, and then create vaccines that enable the key immune cells, including T-cells, to recognize and kill those cells that carry the neoantigens. Just like what the virus infection did to the cancer patient, after the cancer vaccine is administered, the patient’s own immune system will be activated and the T-cells and other immune cells will be taught and directed to recognize and destroy the cancer cells.

Several cancer vaccines are currently being tested in clinical trials to see if the combination of cancer vaccines with immune-oncology drugs will bring better treatment effects than using the them alone.

New drugs bring new hope. Ask your doctor about the cancer vaccine related therapies and find out if you could benefit from them.

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  1. REPLY
    pushpamala reddy says

    Very interesting!!

  2. REPLY
    Rishad Shiraz says

    Really exciting finding indeed !

  3. REPLY
    John Winchester says

    Lymphoma patients are immunocompromised – this covid-19 explanation sounds like wishful thinking. At stage 3 I would assume he had 6-8 cycles of chemotherapy, steroids, and possibly even radiotherapy prior to the Covid-19 infection.

    • REPLY
      Louise B. Andrew MD says

      The case report specifically states that this patient had received no treatment as yet for his lymphoma. There are now several other case reports showing similar remissions in the wake of Covid-19. It could still be coincidental, but there are several putative mechanisms that make it worthy of investigation.

  4. REPLY
    Thomas Ascher says

    After receiving Covid vaccine Moderna my Igm went down from 1700 to 25! I have or had lymphoma!

  5. REPLY
    Anette Stahel says

    >Although this news is very exciting, it’s the only report so far regarding Covid-19 induced cancer remission.

    No, that’s NOT true. See, for example, dr Federico Pasin’s case report on a dramatic NK cell lymphoma remission by SARS-CoV-2 in a patient:

    And there are several in vitro studies showing the strong oncoapoptotic/oncolytic effect of this virus also. It’s time we face it; Covid-19 is an efficient and health-bringing cancer cleanser for the absolute majority of people who acquire it. For those interested, I’ve written a longer article about not only the cancer cleansing properties of SARS-CoV-2 but of many other viruses as well (and of bacteria). You find it at my website, at

    • REPLY
      Krista says

      I just skimmed through your website and bookmarked it for me to return and read again more thoroughly. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to publish such amazing information. I will be frequenting your website and forwarding it to others to read as well.

  6. REPLY
    Golda Freundlich says

    I am CLL patient untreated 20 years. Preparing to start treatment (allabrutinib) after 2nd Moderna shot in mid-April. One week after my 1st Moderna shot my WBC has dropped from consistent 70’s and 60’s to 42,000. Was vaccine the trigger?

    • REPLY
      Anette Stahel says

      Hi Golda! I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you read my new article on this subject, which is at, and then, with help from the additional info you find in it, go ahead and draw your own conclusion? 😉

  7. REPLY
    Astro Luck says

    I had a similar positive experience. I have(had?) severe IBS-D to the point where my food items were down to white potato, white bread and white chicken, I could not tolerate the smallest amount slightest amount of dairy or fiber. I got covid-19 in Feb and forced myself to consume chicken broth(with garlic and onions) as I was feeling nauseated with any food. As I recovered, I was extremely hungry and started consuming foods that gave me trouble before and my tolerance has gone up significantly to the point that I finally started gaining weight after losing it for over a year. I am even able to handle a little yogurt. Not brave enough yet to try milk straight.

    Covid has been a blessing in my case.

  8. REPLY
    Ranjit Nayak says

    Nice and interesting !!! Thank you so much for sharing. Keep sharing to learn more.

  9. REPLY
    Ada says

    My friend has this same situation. She is 50 years old and had serious stage IV cancer. Last year, she “unlucky” got Covid-19. After she healed from Covid-19, this year her cancer is “all gone” and she is totally healed. She is living in USA. REAL STORY.

  10. REPLY
    Just_Some_Guy says

    There is something to this. I have had a benign cyst on my chest/breast since I was 10 years old (almost 50 years old man now). Fully vaccinated almost six months ago, and the lump is almost completely gone!

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